“For me, it’s about freedom, autonomy and control…

— Walt F.J. Goodridge, SaipanWriters founder

As a self-published author, what others may refer to as your "little flights of fancy" have the power to set you free while giving you control of your creations.

Are the rumors true? Did I really turn down a publishing contract so I could maintain that freedom!? Want the full story, and why I call this the “Little Flights of Fancy” world tour? Read all about it in The Saipan Tribune -- Walt Goodridge (Saipanwriters founder)

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Feedback from previous Zoom Workshop!

"Hi Mr. Walt. It really made a difference that I attended the writer’s workshop in January 2020. I already finished writing my two book manuscript. Just needed to master the front and back cover design, the page layout format."--Jude
"Walt, this has been so informative! Thanks so much for this! Really great seminar!"--P.B.
"Hi Walt—THANK YOU so much for putting this on——learned A LOT"--Anonymous

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Walt, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this amazing workshop!!!"--M.A.

"Very cool workshop, really glad I attended, have lots of ideas percolating that are inching closer to being realized.

One of my sisters in Hawaii wanted to attend, but is not tech-savvy. Are you going to make the recording available? for a limited time? for a fee? I'd like to send it to her in a format she can easily view on her phone. Just let me know what's possible.

Overall, think the Zoom experience went really well, and the more you do it, the easier it will flow.

could easily see your screen - - demonstration of sites / online resources - - as opposed to when in the library
being able to see it on MY computer screen reinforced the "I can do this" theme -
I liked being able to "chat" with folks individually, with everyone, and not disturb the workshop
I liked being able to "disappear" / turn off the camera as needed
I liked having participants from around the world, very cool!

the social aspect of it, missed seeing and talking with other participants face-to-face - - before, at break, after, getting to know them - - maybe next time you can have folks briefly introduce themselves at the beginning...? break the ice between participants...?

Thanks again!"--L.H.

Saipan Success Stories!

photo of Chun Yu Wang, author of Chicken Feathers and Garlic Skin cover of Chicken Feathers and Garlic Skin
Chun Yu Wang, former garment factory worker (with my help), published Chicken Feathers and Garlic Skin, Diary of a Chinese Garment Factory Girl on Saipan, used in Women's Studies courses and Textile courses in at least 3 colleges in the US! Visit saipanfactorygirl.com for interviews and videos and read all 159 reviews on Amazon
photo of Riza Ramos, author of several books including Drinking Seawater cover of The Boy Who Dreamed to Be with His Parents on Saipan cover of Germstopper Boy cover of Drinking Seawater
Riza Ramos, a nurse at CHC and multiple workshop attendee, has published three books, The Boy Who Dreamed to be With His Parents on Saipan, GermStopper Boy (both children's books), and Drinking Seawater (a typhoon Soudelor account and memoir). She's finally living out her childhood dream of being an author! You can check out all of her books at www.rizaramosbooks.com and on Amazon
John Joyner and Angie Hui cover of This Baby Can Speak English cover of This Baby Can Speak English by Dr. John Joyner cover of This Baby Can Speak English by Dr. John Joyner
Dr. John Joyner, long-time resident, serial entrepreneur and educator, published This Baby Can Speak English (a child development guide) in English, Spanish and Chinese (with translations by Angie Hu), after attending workshop #3! You can check it out at www.thisbabycanspeak.com and on Amazon

"I learn something new and gain additional knowledge every time I attend your workshop. There's magic in it! After every workshop I go home with more new book ideas that someday I'll bring to the world!"

--Riza Ramos, Hemodialysis nurse and Saipan Writer

photo of Zaldy Dandan Saipan cover of Kiss Like Its Air cover of cover of How I Learned What Really Happened to Amelia Earhart
Zaldy Dandan, editor of the Marianas Variety newspaper on Saipan, inspired by the workshop, published We'll Kiss Like It's Air and We're Running Out of It (a book of poetry), Die! Bert! Die! (a book of short stories) and How I Discovered What Really (probably) Happened to Amelia Earhart (a novel). Check out Zaldy's latest book!
photo of George Gomez, Saipan cover of George Gomez chef book
George Gomez, workshop attendee, inspired by the ease of the process, started a publishing company with a partner and published a Cajun recipe cookbook of Chef Donn Gueniot's best recipes! Find it online on Amazon!
photo of Tony Peters cover of The Alphabet in Tropical Nature
Tony Peters, workshop attendee, published his The Alphabet in Tropical Nature book, featuring simple educational tools of the alphabet and the numbers 0 through 9 against a backdrop of nature photos taken right here on Saipan!

“I've published 3 books already thanks to you and your workshop which was a well aimed kick in my lazy patookus. I think I've 2 more books of poems in me, and possibly another short-story collection! God bless you Walt and more power!”

—Zaldy Dandan, Editor of the Marianas Variety Newspaper, Saipan

More Coaching & Collaboration Success Stories

(US, India…)

photo of Dylan Raymond cover of Rucksack to Briefcase
Chief Warrant Officer Dylan Raymond isn't a Saipan resident (at least not yet!), but through phone and skype coaching, I helped him to publish Rucksack to Briefcase: A civilian-side, job-hunting guide for service members & their families a guide to help veterans transition from military to civilian life! Dylan uses his book as he does seminars around the country. If you know a veteran or family who could use this book and/or coaching, you can find out more at on Dylan's Facebook Page, also on his coaching website and on Amazon
cover of When the Walls Came Down by Ken Greene
Ken Greene, a Port Authority employee at the time, was actually inside World Trade Center #1 on the morning of Sept 11, 2001, escaped with his life as he evacuated the building, and then, heroically, went back in to rescue others! Check out When the Walls Came Down: A 9/11 Survivor's View of Life in America on Amazon!
photo of Kamau Austin cover of Always on Top by Kamau Austin
Kamau Austin Internet search engine optimization (SEO) guru and genius, Kamau Austin, has helped countless others get their websites to show up on top of search engine results! Check out Kamau's book Always on Top on Amazon!
"Look, your coaching techniques work! Thanks for giving me the kick in the pants to write the book. It has helped in giving me a lot of exposure. I am featured with my daughter in the September issue of Fortune Small Business Magazine. The article is called "Search and Prosper".
You can see an online excerpt of the article HERE

"Working with Walt on a business level was an amazing experience! His keen insight and passion while coaching me through the process was great. He knows when to push a little and give a little without you losing momentum. His recommendation on the [first edition] cover design as well as the professional set up of the website was right on point. Couple that with the timing of the subject matter, helped me to make two pre-order sales--one print copy and one e-book-- in less than 24 hours of launch--and the book [wasn't] even printed yet! That floored me. I can only imagine what the upcoming results will be!"

--Chief Warrant Officer Raymond, author of Rucksack to Briefcase: a civilian-side job-hunting guide for service members and their families

To Walt: "Man, I can't thank you enough for pulling more out from me than I thought I had!"

lloyd glick-collaboration.JPG

A very special Saipan writer collaboration!

Here’s a story that shows you can become a published author even if you don’t know you’re writing a book! It all started when 95-year-old Battle of Saipan veteran, Lloyd Glick, and his wife Judy contacted me to arrange tours of Saipan and Guam for their cruise ship shore excursions that would mark Lloyd’s first return to these islands after 75 years! Well, we started communicating by email, and….

Workshop Testimonials


"I wrote and published THREE books and writing more. It was an impossible childhood dream but your workshop and coaching made it possible!"--Riza Ramos (www.rizaramosbooks.com)


"Thanks to you I did learn a lot about how to get published; and... dealing with what is basically laziness, what you said about time reminded me that it's really up to me to get it going. There's this old saying back home: 'if you want to do it, there are so many ways; if you don't want to do it, there are so many excuses.' The workshop was very helpful, and you were very informative. PS: Inspired by your workshop, I've returned again to my novel-in-progress, and this time I'm also coming up with a new plan that will, I hope, help me deal with the daily grind instead of just allowing it to sweep me away."--Zaldy Dandan, Editor of the Marianas Variety Newspaper


"Lots of good stuff...(eg. why we don't write, the courage & discipline angle, completion vs perfection, working from lists when the creative process actually takes place, the book-building exercise)"--Gary L.


"Hi Walt, I definitely enjoyed your workshop-in fact, I felt that (at 3 hours) it was way too short. I wanted more time! It definitely exceeded my expectations. You delivered an insightful and resourceful presentation, and were also entertaining (not boring). Thank you for sharing."--Della Angel


"I SO much enjoyed today's session and the way you presented it (and yourself). Very inspiring and encouraging to start learning new "stuff" and get started. I can't wait for your next workshop. KEEP GOING !!! :-) Kind Regards"-- Sarka


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